10.02.2020 23:45 (преди 343 days) stream81
Happy to share my experience with this girl.
Her location is easy to find, the place itself is clean and cozy. Alessa herself is absolutely stunning and gorgeous.
That was my best experience ever with an escort - really high class.
If you can afford it, go for it. There are no other girls like Russians :)
22.03.2020 16:19 (преди 302 days) hellf1re
Реална ли е обявата?
08.09.2020 02:33 (преди 133 days) elit.escorts.girls
The most beautiful girl in this site ???
15.10.2020 15:45 (преди 95 days) max3000
You are very sexy and hot
I will come to Sofia soon
I would like to meet for on hour in your place
23.10.2020 00:23 (преди 88 days) vlade
Невероятната си бейби свободна ли ви
07.11.2020 16:34 (преди 72 days) dimal (НИКИ)
криза е Пожалуйста!