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A businessman with a shiny car from BLAGOEVGRAD is looking for a beautiful jewel

(the title may have been auto-translated)
Listing №:
Price per hour:
Not specified

Center, Pazardzhik, region Pazardzhik, (See Center on map)
25 years old
171 cm
Eye color:
Green eyes
Hair color:
Blond hair
Type of sex:
Classic Anal Oral
Oral sex:
With a condom Without a condom Deep throat Cunnilingus Anilingus
In the mouth On the breasts On the face
Spoken languages:
Български English Русский
At your place At a hotel
Working hours:
Updated before 2 days. Valid for 57 days.
Additional information
(the text may have been auto-translated)

Hello, wealthy and solvent gentlemen from Blagoevgrad, if you have a way to Plovdiv, please look for me or I will come to you in your wonderful city. A businessman from Blagoevgrad, with a luxury car, 40+ years old, I am the boutique beauty for you and the sweetest lover, you will see for yourself. Beautiful girl, attractive, toned, groomed, shiny with very good looks and beautiful body, unique lips, unique huge breasts and unique, small ass, long beautiful hair and light blue eyes, I am looking for a Sofia businessman, elegant, sophisticated, successful, 40 + year old who has a shiny car and loves expensive car brands, likes pampering, likes luxury and likes beautiful, shiny and well-groomed, young women like himself. In a private message I give my phone number, you will be able to see more photos of the WhatsApp and Viber applications. If we like each other, I might just be your long-term relationship doll. Don’t listen to anyone who writes, speaks or spits against me because these slanders are false, unproven and false to discredit competition, bots, bitter and rejected men that I have not wanted to meet in person one or another reason is because I am very picky about the quality of men and dates - I have only provided them with information via whatsapp or telegram with my personal photos, plus what hotels I go to and what I like to do in the sexual art. After they don’t interest me for a real date, they start spitting on themselves. Men, never trust forums for anything in the world. Real men of class, business, style and dignity do not believe ugly and false spit and false rumors from desperate and embittered men to women, but come and see for themselves that the truth is completely different, completely different and I am a boutique and proven I adorn myself in business circles with such men as I suit them. I stand by my vision and my real number and look forward to meeting you. WHO HAS A WAY TO PLOVDIV, SEEK ME AT A MUTUAL SYMPATHY OR I WILL COME TO YOU FOR A FEE PAID.

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