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Professional Domina, not an escort.

(the title may have been auto-translated)
Listing №:
Price per hour:
150 BGN

Center, Plovdiv, region Plovdiv, (See Center on map)
28 years old
180 cm
Eye color:
Black eyes
Hair color:
Red hair
Sex toys Strap-on Mistress Role playing Massage
Price for half an hour:
100 BGN
Price for 2 hours:
300 BGN
Spoken languages:
Български English
At my place
Working hours:
Updated more than a month ago. Valid for 47 days.
Additional information
(the text may have been auto-translated)

I am a professional domino - the only one of its kind in Bulgaria.
I have been practicing BDSM for 5 years and the sessions with yourself are paid, as with any other professional in your field, who you want to pay attention, time and give you a unique experience.
Here, however, things are a little different.
My profession does not mean that I offer my services to everyone in need and try to please them as much as possible. For myself, things should be mutual and I do not offer services, but they are looking for me to create this experience.
Many people contact me, but I choose who to give the opportunity to have a session with myself. Be it a single one or a long-term relationship with sessions every month.

I accept only my apartment in Plovdiv, I take the minimum BGN 150 per session - one astronomical hour. We say the things that excite you as much as possible in advance. Especially if you have no experience. One option is to know exactly what you want and tell me. The other is for me to help you get to know yourself, your fetishes, your needs and desires during the sessions.

Absolute mutual trust and respect.
Friendly attitude outside of a session, in a session - absolute role play: I dominate you, you obey. There must be a safe word that I tell you before we start and that you can use if you think you want to stop the session for one reason or another.
We must comply with our limits (things we would not allow) each other.
I care about high personal hygiene. I want you bathed before you come to your senses. Please don’t sprinkle perfume, I prefer you don’t even.
I make videos and photos only with your desire and permission.
Absolute discretion.
You can share absolutely everything to yourself and I will keep it. You are important to yourself, not what you present yourself to others. There is no shame, fear, doubt in front of us - together we go beyond them and find new horizons. You rediscover yourself.
As long as you are patient and loyal enough to me as well as to yourself to come regularly.
You can even choose to just talk during the session if you need it more.

Possibility for subscription for a regular subordinate - a certain amount per month, according to individual requirements.
I act alone and a party to society. I am only interested in the relationship between myself and my subordinates. They feel absolutely calm and protected in my presence and have a trusted person in my face. I expect the same from them.
I have a strong interest in psychology and I use what in combination with all the other qualities raises me to a much higher level than ordinary dominant amateurs. That’s why I have subordinates from all walks of life, very intelligent and impressive people.

If someone wants to use attributes that I do not have for one reason or another, they are free to bring them. I am open to playing with couples as well as with several people.
I have already organized various collaborations, especially with bisexual men. I have a trusted dominant who enters this role playfully and sexually only with men.

Of course, there is no sexual contact with me. I touch, I guide and touching myself by you is only allowed on my command.
I, in turn, can use strap-on, full body oil massage, penis massage, prostate massage until you reach absolute relaxation and a strong orgasm. There is also the option that often happens and is preferred - to be left entirely to my commands and desires.
If you do not feel any of these conditions as correct, then you are not for yourself.
If you like what you read - leave me your number to add you to viber - there we make arrangements and additional communication.

Practices and fetishes that I use in domination (write me which of them you like / want to try):
Foot Fetish
Role Playing
Psychological Play
Voyeurism / Exhibitionism
Anal Play
Bondage And Discipline
Sensation Play
Nipple Torture
Breath Play
Cross Dressing
Human Furniture
Medical Play
Needle Play
Orgasm Control
Orgasm Denial
Pony Play
Sensory Deprivation
Wax Play

I do not answer calls, you have to text me or leave me a personal message with your number to add you to viber.
I send photos and more information via viber.

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